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Leon Trotsky (bronze bust)


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The Lubitz' Collections primarily consist of books, pamphlets, other printed material and some manuscripts. In addition, some other material (like memorabilia, busts, video and audio tapes, DVDs, reproductions of photographs and other pictures in poster format, flyers, ex libris and book stamps as well as a few objects of the genre "Trotsky stuff") are forming part of our collection, too. A small selection of such material is presented within the framework of our small picture galleries.

Busts of Leon Trotsky

We are very proud to be in possession of one of the outstanding and very rare busts of Leon Trotsky sculpted in 1945 by Duncan P. Ferguson (1901-1974), an American sculptor of great talent; Ferguson produced 12 copies of this sculptural master work (size: 44 cm high), which were given to the various regional branches of the SWP (Socialist Workers Party, at that time being the American section of the Fourth International, launched in 1938) of which Ferguson had become a member. We purchased one of those 12 copies in 1994 from Asher Harer (1912-2004), a veteran of the American Trotskyist movement, through the good offices of Bolerium Books, a second-hand bookseller in San Francisco, California. In 1994, the very well preserved and nearly 50 years old original plaster head was professionally restaurated and a bronze head was casted on our behalf at the bronze foundry Frank Herweg Kunst- und Bildgusswerkstatt, Berlin-Kreuzberg. Thus, both a bronze bust as well as an original plaster head are forming veritable highlights of our Trotskyana Collection.

We also acquired a bronze casting of a miniature version of the Trotsky bust originally sculpted by Clare Sheridan (1885-1970) in 1920. An original plaster version of Sheridan's Trotsky bust was donated to the Museo Casa de León Trotsky (Coyoacán, México) by Sara Jacobs (Weber). Two copies were made from it: one in marble, now exhibited in Trotsky's office, another one in bronze, being in Esteban Volkov's possession. The bronze casting which now forms part of our Trotskyana collection was made by Ismael Rodríguez (México, D.F.) in Summer 2006 through the good offices of Esteban Volkov (México, D.F.) and Gabriel García Higueras (Lima)

Within the framework of TrotskyanaNet we present

Video and Audio Cassettes, DVDs

Here's a selective list of sound cassettes, video tapes and DVDs containing Trotsky films, lectures about Trotsky and the like, which form part of our Trotskyana collection, occasionally with some annotations and background information:

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