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Leon Trotsky (bronze bust)

Trotsky Books Holdings

What follows is a catalogue (list of holdings) of independently published works (books and pamphlets), authored by Leon Trotsky which form part of our Trotskyana collection as at Summer 2014. Please note that in recent years a few items have been discarded.

[Russian titles] [English titles] [German titles] [French titles] [Italian titles] [Spanish titles] [Other languages]

Section I : Books and pamphlets in Russian language

Note: Sochineniia is a nearly complete 3-reels microfilm edition of Trotsky's collected works in Russian [filmed by Stanford Univ. Photographic Dept.], so far as they were published by Gosudarstvennoe Izdatel'stvo (Gosizdat, Moscow-Leningrad) between 1924 and 1927. Publishing was suspended in 1927 when Trotsky was definitively defeated in the factional struggles of the CPSU and Comintern and eventually was expelled from the CPSU, then banished to Alma Ata and eventually exiled. Thus, only the 12 vols. (tom) listed here (3 of them issued in two parts) were published, summing up to a total of 15 vols., organized in six Roman numbered series. From 23 volumes mentioned in the publishing schedule of 1925, the following never were published: Series I: tom 1 [O kharaktere russkoi revoliutsii]; series II: tom 5 [Vnutripartiinye voprosy], tom 7 [Na mezhdunarodnym temy]; series III: tom 10 [Frantsiia v voine], tom 11 [Rabochee dvizhenie v epochu voiny]; series IV: tom 14 [Kommunisticheskii Internatsional (novyi etap 1921-1924 gg.)]; series V: tom 16 [prospective title unknown], tom 18 [Na partiinye temy]; series VI: tom 19, tom 22 [Literatura i revoliutsiia]; series VII: Kniga o Lenine. For an exhaustive feature of Sochineniia see our Trotsky's Sochineniia page.

Section II : Books and pamphlets in English language

Section III: Books and pamphlets in German language

Section IV : Books and pamphlets in French language

Section V : Books and pamphlets in Italian language

Section VI : Books and pamphlets in Spanish language

Section VII : Books and pamphlets in other languages

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