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Research Facilities

Introduction and Survey

This part of TrotskyanaNet presents surveys, descriptions, and compilations about a selection of (research) facilities which are important with regard to the study of Trotsky, Trotskyism, and Trotskyists. The number of such facilities has increased considerably since the 1970s.
— First, there are public archives (some of them affiliated to renowned universities or libraries) which are housing manuscripts, letters and other archival papers of Leon Trotsky and of people and movements related to him;
— second, there are research centres and working archives devoted to Trotsky/Trotskyism research, launched by Trotskyist scholars and/or activists and funded by certain Trotskyist groups or parties;
— third, there are some journals and (partially unnumbered) series exclusively or predominantly focusing on Trotsky and/or Trotskyism;
— fourth, there are university works about Trotsky, Trotskyism and some Trotskyists, which we have listed by author and indexed by directors of theses, universities, years of degree and subject categories;
— last not least a considerable number of international conferences about Trotsky and Trotskyism took place during the last 40 years bringing together a lot of renowned experts on these subjects.

Together, these facilities are forming something which can be called an unofficial international network of Trotsky research with a lively exchange of opinions and research results between those involved in archival, editorial, educational and related rearch work.

Within most of the following sub-sections we provide features containing addresses, locations, contacts, publications, finding aids, persons involved, brief collection descriptions, and last not least some references to literature about the featured institutions, conferences, journals, etc.

Wolfgang and Petra Lubitz, 2005
slightly rev. February 2021

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