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Leon Trotsky (bronze bust)

Museo Casa de León Trotsky [Leon Trotsky Museum] (Coyoacán, México)

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Photo shot at the Trotsky Museum by Gabriel Garcia Higueras

In this section of TrotskyanaNet we present three major contributions about the famous Trotsky house (nowadays forming part of the Leon Trotsky Museum (Museo Casa de León Trotsky) in Coyoacán, México, where Leon Trotsky spent the last sixteen months of his life together with his companion Natal'ia Sedova, his grandson Vsevolod Platonovich Volkov and several secretaries and guards:

The centre of today's Leon Trotsky Museum is formed by the house that Trotsky and his entourage lived in, the garden area with tropical flowers and rare cacti, the outer walls and guard towers, giving the property a fortress-like appearance.

The study in which Trotsky was deadly wounded by Stalinist agent Ramón Mercader on August 20, 1940 remained unaltered (glasses, papers, books, calendar etc.) since then and the same applies to most of the interior of the house. In the early 1980s the complex was declared a historic monument. Some additional small buildings, e.g. the guard houses along the wall, were turned into exhibition rooms presenting photographs, memorabilia etc. with regard to Trotsky, his family and his friends. In the centre of the garden the grave containing the ashes of Trotsky and Natal'ia Sedova is situated; the place is marked by a white stone stele with hammer and sickle and above it a flagpole with a red flag.

The current museum was created in 1990, 50 years after Trotsky's assassination, along with the Instituto del Derecho de Asilio y las Libertades Públicas. Today, an auditorium and temporary exhibition halls belong to the museum, too, which is enjoying an annual average of some 17,000 people from Mexico and from abroad.

For more details see for instance Leon Trotsky Museum, Mexico City [Wikipedia article].
For a short virtual walk through the Museum watch the video "Un recorrido virtual ..., produced by La Izquierda Diario (13 minutes).

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