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Pierre Broué

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In this chapter of TrotskyanaNet we provide a bio-bibliographical feature of the late Pierre Broué (1926-2005), a renowned French professor emeritus and author of a great number of books and articles on Trotsky, Trotskyism and Trotskyists. For some 3 decades he considerably increased the international Trotsky research by editing the French-language Oeuvres of Leon Trotsky, by setting up the Institut Léon Trotsky (Paris, Grenoble), by founding and editing the first scholarly journal exclusively devoted to Trotsky research, the Cahiers Léon Trotsky, and last not least by writing a centennial Trotsky biography. Furthermore, Broué was a moving spirit with regard to the development of international structures of Trotsky research, e.g. by closely co-operating with editorial and research facilities in various countries and by actively organizing and/or participating in innumerable international conferences and similar gatherings.

The Broué chapter of our TrotskyanaNet consists of:

Since Broué was undoubtedly the most eminent Trotsky scholar worldwide, it goes without saying that mention of him has also been made within the framework of various other parts of TrotskyanaNet, such as for example:

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