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Book covers and title pages of some of Pierre Broué's works

Image: Books cover: L'assassinat de Trotsky
Image: Book cover: Assassini nel Maquis
Image: Book cover: Trotsky - iconography by D. King
Image: Book cover: Le parti bolchevique
Image: Book cover in polish
Image: Books cover: Revolution und Krieg in Spanien
Image: Book cover: Souvenirs et portraits
Note: Announced, but factually not published.
image: Books cover: Léon Sedov
Image: Book cover: Cahiers Léon Trotsky image: Book cover: Trotzki
image: Book cover: Trotsky, Mexico 1937-1940 image: Book covers: Trotsky: Oeuvres
image: Book cover: Trotsky image: Book cover: Trotsky - dedication of Broué to W. Lubitz

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