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Leon Trotsky (bronze bust)

Bio-bibliographical sketches of selected Trotskyists

— Survey —

Within the framework of TrotskyanaNet, we provide biographical sketches (or, short notices) and bibliographical notes (selective bibliographies) about people who were (or are) more or less 'renowned' Trotskyists — either for all their adult life or for a certain span of their life only. The fact whether or not a person is bio-bibliographically featured here, has neither to do with his/her degree of importance with regard to the history of the Trotskyist movement nor with the person's scholarly, ideological, political or historical relevance in general. With one single exception, only persons already deceased are featured.
Furthermore, we like to refer to our introductory remarks to the Trotskyists' Name Authority Files. Bio-bibliographical information about some 180 deceased Trotskyists is also to be found in Chapter 9 of our Leon Trotsky Bibliography.

The scope of our bio-bibliographical miscellanies are varying considerably; most of them are provided as PDF files; longer sketches are, as a rule, divided into three or four parts:

Alphabetical list of featured persons

Abern, Martin (1898-1949) PDF
Ackerknecht, Erwin Heinz (1906-1988) PDF
Belleville, Fritz (1903-1994) PDF
Breitman, George (1916-1986) PDF
Broué, Pierre (1926-2005) HTML
Buchbinder, Heinrich (1919-1999) PDF
Buchman, Alex (1911-2003) PDF
Cannon, James P. (1890-1974) PDF
Cochran, Bert (1913?-1984) PDF
Cornell, Charles (1911-1989) PDF
Curtiss, Charles (1908-1993) PDF
Deutscher, Isaac, pt. 1
Deutscher, Isaac, pt. 2
(1907-1967) PDF
Epe, Heinz (1910-1942) PDF
Ferguson, Duncan (1901-1974) HTML
Frank, Pierre (1905-1984) PDF
Frankel, Jan (1906-1984) PDF
Glass, C. Frank (1901-1988) PDF
Gordon, Sam (1910-1982) PDF
Grylewicz, Anton (1885-1971) PDF
Hansen, Joseph (1910-1979) PDF
Healy, Gerry (1913-1989) PDF
Hirson, Baruch (1921-1999) PDF
Kerry, Tom (1901-1983) PDF
Klement, Rudolf (1908-1938) PDF*
Krivine, Alain (1941-2022) PDF
Lovell, Frank (1913-1998) PDF
Lovell, Sarah (1922-1994) PDF
Löwy, Michael (b. 1938) PDF
Maitan, Livio (1923-2004) PDF
Mandel, Ernest (1923-1995) HTML
Mangan, Sherry (1904-1961) PDF
Meyer, Franz (1906-1958) PDF
Moltved, Georg (1881-1971) PDF
Moneta, Jakob (1914-2012) PDF
Nelz, Walter (1909-1990) PDF
Nettelbeck, Walter (1901-1975) PDF
Novack, George (1905-1992) PDF
Pablo, Michel (1911-1996) PDF
Reed, Evelyn (1905-1979) PDF
Santen, Sal (1915-1998) PDF
Schüssler, Otto (1905-1982) PDF
Seipold, Oskar (1889-1966) PDF
Shachtman, Max (1904-1972) PDF
Siegel, Paul N. (1916-2004) PDF
Sinclair, Louis (1909-1990) HTML
Van Heijenoort, Jean (1912-1986) PDF
Vincent, Jean-Marie (1934-2004) PDF
Wright, John G. (1901-1956) PDF

* See also appended document [PDF]

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