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Leon Trotsky (Foto by Alex Buchman?, 1940)

Trotskyist Serials Bibliography

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Within our considerable private Trotskyana collection, the Trotskyist serials collection - like the Ernest Mandel collection and the Trotskyist biographical file - forms a relevant group of material. Of course this collection of serials (journals, newsletters, bulletins) is neither 'complete' nor can be claimed comprehensiveness. It should be considered that nowhere in the world, Trotskyist serial publications have been gathered or stored systematically.

In order to create another useful tool for Trotsky and Trotskyism research, we endeavoured around 1990 to compile a (selective) Trotskyist Serials Bibliography which eventually was published by K.G. Saur Verlag (Munich) at the beginning of 1993 and to which Paolo Casciola from the then Centro Studi Pietro Tresso contributed a preface. We dedicated the work to the memory of Louis Sinclair (1909-1990). The Trotskyist Serials Bibliography has been out of print for some years, but a few copies are still available from us – mailto: TrotskyanaNet. Furthermore, this bibliography is reproduced within TrotskyanaNet as a PDF file (see also below)

We should like to feature our Trotskyist Serials Bibliography by reprinting here the text of a flyer [PDF] which was produced by Saur Verlag in 1992 and which is based on our original German text.

Here are the complete bibliographic data of our Trotskyist Serials Bibliography:

Lubitz, Wolfgang: Trotskyist serials bibliography : 1927-1991 ; with locations and indices / edited by Wolfgang and Petra Lubitz. Preface by Paolo Casciola. - München, London, New York, Paris : Saur, 1993. - XXVII, 475 pp. ISBN 3-598-11157-6 [Out of print]

Potpourri of trotskyist serials covers

The PDF edition of the Lubitz'
Trotskyist Serials Bibliography

Since the Trotskyist Serials Bibliography went out of print, we like to offer a PDF generated edition exclusively available on TrotskyanaNet. Please notice that this PDF version has been slightly revised and newly layouted, but neither updated nor amended; the index of ISSN and two appendices contained in the original printed edition have been omitted.

The Bibliography is presented in the following parts:

Special: The complete Trotskyist Serials Bibliography [PDF, 3.5 MB]

The Trotskyist Serials Bibliography didn't meet the same interest as did our Trotsky Bibliography, but nevertheless there were some - predominantly favourable - reviews; here's a selective listing of reviews:

The Trotskyist Serials Bibliography has also being dealt with by Ludwik Hass within the framework of his review article published in Dzieje najnowsce, 25.1993 (4), pp. 107-117 and by Reiner Tosstorff within his review article published in Archiv für die Geschichte des Widerstandes und der Arbeit, 1994 (13), pp.219-225.

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